Game Preview: Submerged: Hidden Depths

Sometimes, you really want to play a game full of action. A fast-paced shooter, some top racing action. A title that gets the heart pumping and the blood racing. But then again, sometimes you just want to do the exact opposite and chill out. Developed and published by Uppercut Games comes Submerged: Hidden Depths.

Submerged: Hidden Depths is a non-combat third-person ‘relaxploration’ adventure, set in the sunken ruins of a beautiful world. Take on the role of Miku and Taku – one cursed with a mysterious power that she wants to use for good, the other determined not to let it tear them apart.

SubHD_Screenshot (2)

I love the descriptive of a ‘relaxploration’ because that perfectly sums up exactly what Submerged: Hidden Depths is all about. This game was originally released on Strada back in 2020 but it is now getting a release for Xbox One/Series, PlayStation 4/5 and Steam pretty soon. It is also a sequel to Submerged, which was released back in 2015. This is a preview of the game, not a full review and I have been asked to keep to the first hour of gameplay only, as not to go into spoilers… not that I would anyway.

So you play as both Miku and Taku and the basic aim of the game is to cleanse the land of a dark plant-like growth. The world that you are in has been flooded and is mostly underwater, leaving only the tops of buildings and structures jutting out over the water’s surface, basically becoming a series of archipelagos. Using your boat as means of transportation, you go from archipelago to archipelago and explore the areas. Find a seed and take it back to the source of the dark plant-like growth to cleanse it.

SubHD_Screenshot (1)

That is the main focus of Submerged: Hidden Depths but there is actually a lot more to see and do along the way. Discover various animals, uncover histories, seek out relics to be put in a museum, upgrades for your boat and more. There is an ongoing story that is revealed the more you play and diaries that you find along the way will reveal more and more of what is going on.

The gameplay itself is simple. There are some light puzzles to solve and the exploring of the archipelagos involves swinging from ropes, climbing and more. All of which is pretty easy to control and get to grips with. The mechanics used here are simple and while they are hardly anything new, they work very well indeed. Controlling the characters and the boat really is a joy. Graphically, Submerged: Hidden Depths is quite the looker too. A cartoony but stunningly beautiful environment with lots to keep your eyes busy and very happy.


As the description of the game explains, this is zero-combat. Submerged: Hidden Depths is all about chilling out, relaxing and exploring the world you are in, a ‘relaxploration’ game. So if you are looking for lots of action, you are not going to find it here. However, if you fancy easing things down a bit and want to take in a slowly revealing story and a game with a chilled out pace, take a look at this game. I’m actually looking forward to covering this in more detail later with a proper review. But if you are in the mood for something more ‘chilled’, I suggest that you put Submerged: Hidden Depths on your radar.