(Mini) Game Review: Golfie

I do enjoy a bit of crazy/mini golf and golf-themed titles are becoming quite popular at the moment. From developer Triheart Studio and publisher Yogscast Games comes Golfie, a new crazy golfing game with an emphasis on the crazy.

“Golfie is a run-based, roguelike minigolf deck builder. Play through procedurally-generated levels, build a deck of crazy card abilities, and try to beat all 18 holes. Pick your route carefully because no two runs – or shots – are the same!”

Yup, what we have here is the ever-popular rogue-like sub-genre in a crazy golf game. The holes are randomly generated, so you’ll never have quite the same experience twice. Then, there is the addition of deck building where you can find cards that will give your shots a bit of a boost. You know how golf works, right? Put the ball in the hole in the fewest number of shots. Golfie works the exact same way but with the addition of cards to enhance your shots and the fact that you will be playing on some ‘interesting’ holes.


Right from the off, your standard shot is next to useless. It’s incredibly weak and will only send the ball forwards a small distance. This means that using the cards is an absolute must, especially the power shot card. This can also leave you at a major disadvantage because the cards given are also (mostly) random and if you don’t get a power shot card, then you are basically screwed before you even start. You can find and hit crystals on some of the holes that’ll give you cards and perks but once more, random and these can hinder as much as they can help. There are coins to nab on the holes and these coins can be used in a vending machine to get more cards to use. The over-reliance on the power shot is an issue here as without it, you are next to useless, especially when the holes get longer and more complex later in the game.


All of the cards are pretty self-explanatory and you’ll know what they do the second you see them. Power shot lets you shoot further, lob shot allows you to lob, curve shot… you get the idea. Then, you have cards that are a bit more ‘creative’ jet pack, teleport, sticky and more. The holes may get crazier but so can your shots. A level of strategy comes into play as you’ll have to pick and choose the best card to use for each shot on each hole.


There’s a decent selection of gameplay modes too. There’s singleplayer and you get three play options here. The free play mode is just at and allows you to plat the holes without worrying about failing. A good mode just to get your eye in and practise. Then there is a challenge mode and each day, there is a new and specific challenges to try and beat. The main play mode is the standard run one. This is where the rogue-like (though I would say more a rouge-lite as certain elements carry over with each run) gameplay is used and you have to try to beat 18 holes without failing. There’s also a load of cosmetics to unlock so that you can customise your ball.


Then, there is the multiplayer option. I did get to try the multiplayer as I was kindly sent a few codes so I could give this a test with some friends. Here, you can work together or against each other and purposely sabotage the other players. Multiplayer was great fun and works very well indeed. Priced at £15 and only available for Steam, I think that Golfie is good fun. There are some balancing issues that (I hope) will be tinkered with and ironed out in the future and the over-reliance on the power shot can be annoying. But overall, this is worth a play. The reasonable price point makes the game more appealing and the multiplayer really is such a great laugh with some friends.