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Greetings Gamers & Movie-goers.

Hello and welcome to my site.

Here you will find my gaming and movie overviews with “little bits” of history, influence and my own personal memories of the games & movies in easy and quick to read pieces.
You’ll also find some information on some of my favourite gaming & movie characters.
Plus there are my editorials where I offer my views and opinions on gaming & movie related subjects. I even a look back on some gaming & movie franchises, developers, directors, actors and much more with my multi part retrospectives if you want a “little bit” more detail and more to read.

You can also find my authors page on Amazon if you want to check out my stories and books. You can even follow me there and be informed when I write and publish new work. My new book covering almost 40 years of the British gaming industry is now available via Amazon.

I hope you enjoy reading/viewing and please feel free to send me comments/feedback via the contact page.
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