“Jaws was never my scene and I don’t like Star Wars. “

…once sang the great Freddie Mercury.


Actually I think Jaws is great, but I don’t like Star Wars.

Yes I know, “heresy” will be the cries from many a people. How can someone not like Star Wars?

Well before I get into why, allow me to just paint a picture first.
I used to love Star Wars, as a kid growing up I had loads of original Star Wars figures, vehicles and plays sets.
I recall owning Tie Fighters, X-Wings, that Jabba The Hutt play set and countless other figures from the films. I was once Star Wars mad.

I was even planning a huge Star Wars article for this very site to be posted when the new film is relased at Christmas. I was going to cover the main films and the infamous spin-offs as well as various games based on the whole Star Wars Saga.
Seriously, this thing was going to be big and I had it all planned out months in advance. Seeing as the new film is not released until Christmas this year and and I was already planning and writing this Star Wars special from when I first started this site in April, in fact this site started out as a gaming only site and I added movies so I could do a huge Star Wars celebration. That should give you some idea into how big this was going to be.


But I’ve decided to scrap the whole Star Wars special thing…but why?
Well mainly as I really have no passion or interest for Star Wars anymore. This is something I realised when I first saw the trailer for the new Star Wars film. As I wrote in my Quentin Tarrantino retrospective earlier, I couldn’t care less about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
This is also why I’m writing this right now as I’ve had a few comments asking how I can not be interested in the new Star Wars film. So I thought I’d answer those queries.

It was while researching for the (now) abandoned Star Wars article that it really hit home how much I don’t care.

It decided to re-watch all the films starting out with the original trilogy as any self-respecting Star Wars fan would.
I watched Star Wars and found it almost unbearable, still I forced (no pun) myself through the film to its conclusion and then onto what many consider a great sequel and best of the original trilogy…
So I watched The Empire Strikes Back…well that should read I tried to watch The Empire Strikes Back. As I only got about 40 odd minutes into it before I just had to switch it off.
I just didn’t bother with Return Of The Jedi at all.

I couldn’t do it, I could not push myself into carrying on with the research for the article. Watching one and a half bad films was enough to get me to quit.

I honestly found the films just so dull and lacking any real meat with annoying characters, uninspired/cliche writing and paper thin plots.
They were great films as a kid, but now they are horrible, vapid and just so unbearable.

So why am I not looking forward to the new film either, the trailers look amazing right?
Well yes, I can happily admit that the trailers look great and very “authentic”. But I can’t be the only person on this planet that is not suffering from short term memory loss.
Does no one else remember when the first trailers for Episode I showed and everyone was saying the exact same things then as they are about this new Star Wars film?

Point being, we’ve been stung in the exact same way already. Which is partly why I couldn’t care less about The Force Awakens.
I say “partly” as the main reason is not the trailer or the simple fact we’ve been through this once before already only to have been met with mediocrity. The main reason is as I’ve already stated, I just do not like Star Wars any more. Prequel trilogy or original trilogy, I just don’t not find anything worth getting interested in or to write a worthy article about.
I know the prequel trilogy gets some serious criticism and most of it is deserving as they are not great films. But in all honesty, the prequel trilogy are on par with the original trilogy.


Now I do not “hate” Star Wars, in fact there is a lot to like about the franchise, but I find a lot of my like comes more from the expanded universe of Star Wars and not the core of the Star Wars universe itself.

I hear they are planning spin off films in the future, possibly one telling the adventures of a young Han Solo. Sounds great as he is about the only bearable character in the original trilogy.
I also really enjoyed those Knights Of The Old Republic games. I have the first one on my iPad despite finishing the game several times previously.
Plus those LEGO Star Wars games are great fun too.

So I do still enjoy Star Wars to a certain degree, but the films and “heart” of Star Wars holds zero interest to me any more.

I may still do something Star Wars related for the release of The Force Awakens later this year. As I said I had been planning something and I do have a few things already written down. But it’s not going to be the huge celebration with loads of content I had previously planned.


If you were 12 years old when you first saw Star Wars and didn’t like it, then there was something wrong with you.
If you are over 30 and still think Star Wars is great, then there is definitely something wrong with you.



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