Maybe its just not very good?

So the reviews for Suicide Squad are coming in and they don’t look good. According to aggregate review site; Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 30% rating (as of writing).


Due to this, some DC fans have started a petition to get Rotten Tomatoes closed down… but before I get into why that is such a fucking childish and stupid idea, I want to just point out how history is repeating itself slightly.

Only a few months back when Batman v Superman was released, it got bad reviews and Rotten Tomatoes was the target then too.


It even got to a point where DC fans where outright accusing Marvel of paying people to give the film a bad review. Let me tell you something, I’m not paid by Marvel (I wish I was) and the film was shit.
So what is the problem with DC fans here? Now, of course I’m not going to tar all DC fans with the same brush as I’m willing to bet most of them are not this asinine. I just fail to see why they have to try to uncover some kind of underhanded reason that isn’t there as to why a film is getting bad reviews instead of just thinking that maybe… just MAYBE the bad reviews are because the film is not very good, is this not a possibility?

I’d also just like to throw in the new Ghostbusters here as an example too.


This has been getting decent/good reviews, far better then most people expected it to get. Yet again, people refuse to accept the reason for this is because the film may actually not be that bad. No instead for some reason they feel they have to come up with some political crap about people being scared of not telling the truth in case they get called out as being “sexist” because the film has four females in the lead roles. Again, what if the reason the film was getting good reviews is because the film is pretty good?
I’ve still not seen it yet, going to see it tomorrow in fact, so my view will be up here soon… and I don’t give a flying fuck about being “politically correct” or having to praise a film in case I get labelled a sexist. If the film is utter shit then I’ll say it is.

My point is, why do we now live in a world where people are more willing to accept an unfounded bullshit sense of reasoning over the more sensible line of reasoning? Why do we now think that studios are paying for good reviews instead of just thinking the film gets good reviews because the reviewer thought the film was good… or bad depending on the review?
What has happened to this industry and our love of films?

Some films get bad reviews and some get good reviews. Why is it not that simple anymore, why does there have to be some political views involved in these views now?


I just want to get back to the asinine petition to get Rotten Tomatoes closed down as my finale.

First, Rotten Tomatoes is an aggregate site that collects the reviews from everywhere else and offers an average score based on those reviews. They do not post reviews themselves. So even if Rotten Tomatoes does get closed down (and it won’t), it makes zero difference as the reviews both good and bad will still roll in regardless.

Second, and this is the most stupid. You know who is distributing Suicide Squad (and Batman v Superman)? Warner Brothers. Do you know who owns Rotten Tomatoes? Yes, Warner Brothers. So why would they be sabotaging their own site to show their own film with bad reviews?

Seriously DC fans, fucking grow up.
There is no mass conspiracy to defame DC films via Rotten Tomatoes (especially as Warner Bothers is responsible for both). Maybe, just maybe the reason Batman V Superman and now Suicide Squad got the bad reviews is because the film(s) are not very good.


Just to finish. Why put so much faith into other people’s opinions on a film… including mine?
If you enjoy a film then fine. Why does it matter what anyone else says about it?
Are you not mature enough to form your own view on a film? Who the fuck cares if Rotten Tomatoes rating is low? Suicide Squad is getting bad reviews, so? I’m going to watch it myself and make up my own mind regardless.

End rant!


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