The End Of Little Bits?

So I’m starting New Year with a possible goodbye, or at least an au revoir.

I’ve been writing this blog for a while now and enjoyed it immensely. I’m eternally grateful to anyone who has been following/reading and surprised I still get new folk following on a weekly basis.

But things are changing here at WordPress who host this platform… money things. See, I pay a subscription every year to keep this blog going and WordPress are changing what you get for your money. Basically they want me to pay the same amount but are removing features I currently get with the package I pay for – to then charge extra for those features. And after some thinking, I don’t believe what they now want me to pay to keep this site with the same features is ultimately worth it.


It’s not just the WordPress greed that is forcing my hand though. Maybe the planets have just aligned at the right time? See, this blog has always been just a fun hobby for me – I didn’t expect one follower, never mind the amount I do have. 2018 saw more people reading my inane rants and views than ever before. But as I say, this was always just a hobby. My real passion lies with writing books.

Last year I shared my idea to write a book covering the best of British game developers & publishers. And by November, I’d finished the first draft of that book. I’m currently trying to sell the idea to get it published while I work on the second draft. Plus I’m two thirds the way through writing my first novel. A vigilante thriller that’s not as straight forward as it first seems. Then I’m currently writing my second short story collection as well as outlining future book ideas. Basically, I have a hell of a lot of writing ahead of me.

Old vintage typewriter

This is what I want to do – write. Last year I wrote more in those 12 months than I have the previous two years combined. So with WordPress wanting more money and my interests lying in my books – I’ve decided not to renew my current premium account when it expires on the 17th of April, 2019.

I do work full-time, have a 14 month old daughter, write books and with this blog too – I’m just spreading myself way too thin right now and something needs to be dropped.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Little Bits of Gaming & Movies for good. I’m not going to delete the site and all my articles will still be available, plus I can still write on this blog as and when I want – I still have 20 draft articles I’ve not published. But the domain name will change as I’ll no longer be paying for it as well as some other behind the scenes stuff too that will limit my options when I drop the premium package and go the free route instead. I’ll be concentrating on my books through 2019 and this blog will just be a background thing I can dip into now and then. They’ll be fewer articles overall as I turn my attention to bigger things. But who knows what the future holds?

If my writing career kicks off, I’ll quit the day job and be a full-time writer. If that happens then I’ll have more money and more importantly, time to invest into my hobby of writing this blog. Maybe, just maybe if things work out, Little Bits of Gaming and Movies will be back bigger than ever with me able to really create something better. Maybe a whole new blog that binds my love for games, movies and my writing?

I definitely don’t want to completely close the door on this. I really do enjoy writing this blog but needs must and my dreams and aspirations lie elsewhere right now.

Thank you

But I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s followed me and to anyone who sits there reading my views and opinions from you folk who’ve been around for years to the ones who have only just begun following in the last few weeks or so.

Little Bits of Gaming and Movies will be hibernating for a while. Occasionally waking up with the odd article through the year, but mostly sleeping through 2019.

5 thoughts on “The End Of Little Bits?

    1. Thanks man, I know you’ve been reading for a while and I very much appreciate it.

      As I said in the article, I’ll still do some write ups through the year. I do have 20 odd in my drafts and I’ll probably publish a few of those, then things happen thought the year that I my have an opinion on plus I’m currently finishing up one article I’ve been writing the last day or so. But overall, the articles will be much more sporadic as I concentrate on my books.

      I normally do 2-5 articles a month, but I doubt I’ll average more than 1 a month going forward and any I do will be shorter, no long multi-part retrospectives unless it’s something really special. They’ll be no huge celebrations like my year long Die Hard one from last year. But a lot fewer, smaller articles instead.


  1. My take away from this is twofold:

    1) You have inspired me to make the time to write more. Hot damn.

    2) James and I have never paid for the KMA to be on WP. We use a free template and just go for free. It’s an option you could consider, if you didn’t mind changing your page to fit.

    Good luck on ALL of your projects!

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    1. 1) Wow, I inspired someone? Well all I can say is if you want to write, you’ve just got to do it. I’ve been writing a lot over the last 12 months or so and think it’s time I tried to do something worthwhile with it all. I really enjoy doing this blog but I have far bigger plans and idea going on in my head. I just hope all the work I’ve been doing and the future plans I have come together. But yeah man, get writing.

      2) I used the free service when I first started out, the only reason I went the payment route was due to the extra features it brings. Of course I can still carry on with the free service and I will. But as I said in the article, it’s really more about everything coming together at the same time. WP wanting more money is not a huge issue, but that coupled with my other writing projects just made me realise I need to step away from my blog and concentrate on bigger things. Some of the bigger articles I do can take me many hours and even days – that’s time I could and should be spending on my books. I’ll still publish the odd article here and there – but my books are going to be my focus for this year, so it just seemed silly to pay for a service I’m hardly going to use. Plus I just wanted to let regular readers know in advance why there will be much less content from me this year.

      Thanks for reading and your kind words.


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