Covid-19 (Or Why I Detest The Human Race)

So I’m breaking protocol a little here. Usually, I use this blog to express my views and share memories of movies and games. But now and then, I do like to offer my view on things going on in the news… and right now there’s no bigger story then the Coronavirus and how people are reacting to it.

Now, Coronavirus is not exactly new. It was first discovered in the 1960s, but the thing about viruses is that they mutate and evolve. This particular strand of Coronavirus, Covid-19 is new and it is killing people. As of writing, there have been 244,364 confirmed cases worldwide with 10,007 deaths. And again, these are only the reported cases, I’m sure there are others that have not yet been confirmed. With a population of around 7,577,130,400 on this planet, one could say that 10,007 deaths isn’t a great deal. Some people are even saying this is just a bit of flu. Which for me, is a massive understatement. Yeah perhaps the flu kills more people worldwide… but there are various forms of flu and it has been around a lot longer than Covid-19. So if you are going to be as idiotic to compare the two, of course the flu will seem worse. But let me ask you this, when was the last time entire countries went into lock-down because of a bit of flu? Multiple countries, mainly in Europe are shutting down to try and prevent the spread of this virus. Others are beginning to put strict restrictions in place as I write this, with the possibility of also going into lock-down too (I expect us to go the same route within the week)… over a bit of flu? Then there are major companies such as Disney, who have shutdown their theme parks and they never shutdown their parks. McDonald’s have closed down their restaurants for inside eating are are only operating on drive-tru and takeaways, other big name establishments are going the same route. Films and TV studios are shutting down production on big, million dollar films and shows. Massive sporting events have been cancelled or postponed… but it’s just a bit of flu right?

It’s pretty clear that Covid-19 is a lot more serious than a bit of flu and I’m genuinely worried at the amount of people not taking this as seriously as it needs to be taken. There really seems to be two trains of thought over this whole thing. It’s not that serious (it is) or it’s the end of the world and time to panic. Now, neither attitude is helping the situation, we need people to be aware, but still remain calm. But the panic is the reason I’m writing this now as it just goes to show how disgusting we are as a human race. Particularly when it comes to shopping.

Look, these are scary and uncertain times, but running around the shops, ransacking the shelves of any and everything is fucking stupid. Those greedy, selfish imbeciles who queue up for hours before shops open, standing in line to grab anything they can. There are people out there that need shopping more than others, the elderly, disabled, etc. And sadly these folk have no chance of getting what they need when you have wankers filling up multiple trolleys with dozens of packs of toilet roll (why?), emptying the shelves of milk, pasta, tinned food. Then what about baby and toddler items, baby wipes, nappies, baby milk and food, etc? I have a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old. Now the 3 month old is easy enough to keep fed with breast feeding (not me, my girlfriend), but how am I supposed to explain to my 2.5 year old daughter that she can’t eat because some selfish pricks are stockpiling food, not giving others a chance? The baby wipes and nappies thing is a concern, but at least we still have hot water to clean them if needed or we could get some reusable nappies if things get desperate… but I can’t do that with the lack of baby food and milk. Yet the selfish out there continue to fill up their baskets and trolleys with as much as they can.

We have a 24 hour supermarket near by and I decided to go out on a late night shopping trip to help avoid the crowds. I was greeted by mostly empty shelves and fridges. Enjoy my slideshow…

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No vegetables, the meat section was completely empty, pet food gone, baby items are like gold dust, etc. I was walking around with no more than 5 items in my trolley and looking at all these ransacked shelves. There was this old woman trying to get some shopping done with a younger female, I guess her daughter. There was nothing for her. As I walked past, I offered up what little I had in my trolley as the scene broke my heart, I just thought if that were my Nan struggling to find food, I’d want someone to help. Yet despite my good nature, the young lady with her (I guess) mother turned down my offer. But what little I had, I was willing to give up just to help this old lady.

I’m currently off work with depression, but that shopping trip was one of the most depressing things I’ve experienced.

I managed to get a few items to hold us over, but this panic buying needs to stop. If everyone just shopped normally, stopped stockpiling, stopped panic buying then there would be more than enough for everyone. There isn’t a shortage of goods, just a shortage of intelligence. Just shop as normal, maybe do two shops a week instead of one if you’re really that concerned. But going out in droves and ransacking the shops is not helping this situation at all.

Now I’m sure some, a very small % of these people are trying to shop not only for themselves but others, elderly relatives and so on. But the majority of them are clearly just being selfish scum. There are even people bulk buying goods to then sell them at a hugely increased price on the internet or in their own shops. That’s fucking low, profiting from such a worldwide problem. I’ve even read stories and seen videos of shop workers being verbally and psychically abused just for doing their jobs, being blamed for the stock shortages. If only there was a pandemic that could wipe out these selfish, uneducated pricks.

But do you know what annoying me even more than any of that? Covid-19 spreads from person to person very easily and the chances of it spreading and even mutating further is multiplied when people are in groups. So let me just get this right, being in groups massively increases the chances of contracting Covid-19 and helping it to spread. So let me ask you this, given we know that being in groups is a bad idea… why are people lining up in large groups at supermarkets, all grabbing things off shelves and increasing the chances of spreading Covid-19? Just stop and think for a second. People are fighting each other for produce in an attempt to fend of Covid-19 and by doing so, they are increasing the chances of spreading Covid-19. They’re fucking idiots.

And to anyone out there ransacking the shop shelves for themselves or to make money by selling items on and to those smaller shops upping their prices (there’s one near me selling hand sanitiser for £7.50 a bottle when it’s worth closer to £2), to all you people. You are fucking low-life scum. You’re taking food from people who need it most, from the elderly, from babies. I’ll survive on a cheese sandwich, but when your taking food and items I need to care for my children… fuck you. I hope this coronavirus hits you hard. I hope the police issue huge fines to those who are price gouging and force you to give your stock away to charities. I hope your business closes down so you are left desperate like how you’re leaving so many others.

Even during World War II, people didn’t behave like this, there was solidarity, there was appreciation for each other, there was respect. And that was with constant air-raids and Nazi invasions. I thought that we as a people, as a species were better than this… clearly not. I’ve seen what humanity can be like the last few days and it’s disgusting.

My elderly mother had to go out this morning and get us in some basics for our babies, because supermarkets are opening earlier for pensioners. There’s something very wrong about that, especially given the fact it’s the elderly who are in high risk of contracting Covid-19. I should be looking after my mother, not the other way around. But sadly, due to the selfish people out there stockpiling and profiting from this virus, needs must.

Stop the panic buying and stockpiling and just shop normally, panic doesn’t help anyone and is just going to increase the spreading of Covid-19. Stay indoors as much as you can, only leave if it’s essential. In order to beat this virus, we need calm and thoughtfulness, consideration for others. We don’t need panic and people fighting over some toilet roll.

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