Pre-Order My New Gaming Book

You can now pre-order the digital version of my new gaming book, 66 Of The Most Important Games Ever! (According To Me), from Amazon today.

Alas, Amazon don’t do pre-orders on self-published  paperbacks. So only the digital version is up for pre-order. But the paperback version will be available to buy from the 1st of June. So, if you want a paperback, hold on to your potatoes, it’s coming soon.

My biggest book yet with an over 100,000 word count. 66 Of The Most Important Games Ever! (According To Me) takes you on a journey of almost fifty years of gaming, from those very early arcade coin-op machines and the dawn of the home market, right up to modern day. I take a look at 66 games that I feel are massively important to the gaming industry and games that have had some kind of personal impact on me as a gamer.

Each chapter features behind the scenes info and insight from the very people who created those games in their own words. Just what was Shigeru Miyamoto doing when he created Mario? What was the first game to be given an age-rating? What was the first game based on a movie (not the one the internet claims)? What massively popular games do I not like? Which game taught me that journalists are full of shit and turned me into a cynical bastard?

All of those questions and many more are explored and answered in this book, with several gaming myths looked at and debunked too. Crammed from cover to cover with loads of gaming stories, information and even the words of those who made the games themselves. Peppered with humour, references and featuring the greatest gaming related joke ever to be written. 66 Of The Most Important Games Ever! (According To Me) is the most fantabulous video game book written, until my next one… says me.

Pre-order a digital copy now, with the paperback version available to buy from the 1st of June.

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