My New Gaming Book Is Available Now!

I do love a good gaming book, so much so that I wrote one myself.

If you read my previous gaming book, MicroBrits: A Tapestry Of The British Gaming Industry, where I took you, the reader, on a journey through the British gaming industry and its many interconnecting stories. Then my new book, 66 Of The Most Important Video Games Ever! (According To Me), will blow your socks off.

Covering almost fifty years of gaming, from the dawn of the industry, right up to modern-day. I handpick 66 games that I feel have been important to the gaming industry, or have made some kind of impact on my life. Each of the games gets its own chapter and each chapter is full of behind the scenes info and even words from the very people who made the games.

So many interesting titbits and stories are told, to the point where even the most informed of gamer will learn something they never knew (I learned loads researching and writing this book myself). I gave an advanced copy to my friend Badger over at and he not only wrote the first-ever review of my book (you can read it here), he also invited me to take part in an interview and chat about the book in more detail.

Crammed full of content and humour. 66 Of The Most Important Video Games Ever! (According To Me) is available from Amazon now. With a digital/Kindle version ‘free’ if you have Kindle Unlimited, a paperback edition, and for the first time ever, a hardback version too. A must buy for gamers of any age, or as Badger put it in his review:

S. L. Perrin takes the entire, complex industry that evolves at breakneck speed and somehow weaves a calm, informative and thoroughly enjoyable narrative.

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