Support Digitiser Level 2

When I began my first steps into adult life, I found Digitiser on Teletext. Each morning, before I would head out to work, as a youthful 17-year-old, I would turn on my TV and read some Digitiser first. Catch up on the latest gaming news, reviews and laugh at the irrelevant and nonsensical humour.

Digitiser had a massive effect on me and was partly why I started this very blog. Anyway, a few years back now, way back in 2018, the founders of that great Teletext gaming magazine (Sires, Mr Biffo and Mr Hairs) decided to bring it to life with Digitiser The Show, shown for free on the YouTubes. Seven episodes of gaming hilarity that you can watch right now for nothing! It was just as madcap and irrelevant as its Teletext origins, this real life version was crammed with gaming features, interviews, games and yes, classic Digitiser nonsense and humour.


Digitiser The Show was/is bloody fantastic and well worth watching. Anyway, it is coming back for a second round of gaming gobbledygook goodness. Bigger and better than before. Paul ‘Mr Biffo’ Rose has launched a Kickstarter to help raise funds for the new show. The Kickstarter has been a huge success too, smashing its £25,000 goal and currently sitting on just over £60,000! Bloody brilliant. Still, Mr Biffo could make the show ‘effing amazing with more cash.

Offering some great stretch goals such as Mr Biffo marrying an Amiga computer, A musical for the great Sir Clive Sinclair. Street Fighter II moves… in real life. Even a visit from a monkey or an even bigger, second monkey!

Basically, Digitiser The Show Level 2 is going to be awesome, especially if you like monkeys (of varying sizes) and gaming. Check out the Kickstarter and perhaps you may even be tempted to back the project so the stretch goals can be beaten and we can see just what Mr Biffo can come up with next… after he marries an Amiga.

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