Game Review: Gravity Chase

What do you think you’d get if you mixed two parts F-Zero with one part Tempest and a squeeze of WipEout? I think that you’d probably get some kind of gravity-defying, futuristic-arcade racer. One that’s not too dissimilar to this game right here, Gravity Chase, developed and published by micro-studio Repixel8.

Welcome to the futuristic anti-gravity arcade racer with a twist.

Gravity Chase racing competition takes place on tunnel tracks for super-fast 360 degree Zero G racing.

Skill and precision piloting are required to follow the optimum line along with strategic use of pickups, powerups and weapons in order to progress through the race series.


The trailer really does tell you all you need to know about this title, so this is a very short review. See you in the next one…

Okay, I guess I’d better go into a bit more depth of just what you are getting for your money with Gravity Chase. Well, you get quite a lot really. You get ten different vehicles split into three speed classes, each with their own stats, strengths and weaknesses. All of the vehicles can be upgraded too, using points you earn from racing and (hopefully) winning. There are sixteen race tracks and each track features three different racing modes with Arcade, Combat and Eliminator. Arcade is pretty self-explanatory a basic lap race and your aim is to cross the finish line first. Combat throws in weapons to the mix as you try to take out other racers (and them you) in a bid to be the winner. Eliminator is like your standard arcade race, only every thirty-seconds will see whoever is at the back get eliminated until only one racer is left. Then, each of those three modes comes on three different difficulty settings, each setting not only makes the AI harder but the effects of the gravity for the races also changes.


See, gravity really does play a big part in the game called Gravity Chase, which will affect just how the vehicles handle and race. When I first played this, I really didn’t like the controls at all and the vehicles felt very ‘slack’. But the more I played and the more I got used to how gravity is used, how the vehicles have this inertia-like feel to them when you steer, the more I began to really enjoy myself. I went from feeling frustrated to feeling elated. The tracks here are actually tubes and you’ll either race in or on them. The ‘tubeyness’ (I just invented that word for this game) of the tracks means that you can partake in 360 degree racing. There is no real up or down, just bloody fast racing action.


You get an up to four-player local split-screen mode too. That always earns bonus points as far too many games these days seem to ‘forget’ that this was how we used to multiplayer back in the day. The tracks are very twisty-turny and throw plenty of challenge your way. Easy to play but it’ll take you a good while to master. Gravity Chase is also a very handsome looking game that’ll see you racing through exotic jungles, neon tubes cities, active volcanoes and more.


£10 is all Gravity Chase is going to set you back on both Xbox and Steam. Honestly, that’s a crazy low price point for a game crammed with so much content. Especially when you consider that the studio, Repixel8, is really just one man, Andrew Jeffreys. The same man behind the pretty damn great Formula Retro Racing, which I also enjoyed. All of Repixel8’s titles have a very low price but are still crammed with gameplay value. This just goes to show how you can have a great passion for making games without the greed.

Gravity Chase is a big recommendation from me. I mean, come on, it’s only £10! Grab yourself a copy when it is on sale from the 21st of this month.

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