The Third Red Dead Redemption II Trailer

The 26th of October just can not come quick enough can it? We have patiently waited a long time for this game and that was before the numerous delays. Still, the new trailer debuted several hours ago and revealed a few nice little snippets without ruining anything major. So lets take a look at what we can expect in Red Dead Redemption II.

Well, we now know its set in 1899, 12 years before the previous game. So lets get the big one out of the way first. John Marston was 37 in 1911 when Red Dead Redemption was set – which would make him around the age of 25 when this game takes place…so is John in Red Dead Redemption II? Just skip to 1:11 at the trailer during a robbery and people think the man speaking is John. Possible but I’m not 100% convinced and we can’t see his face. So lets skip to the 1:41 mark instead…

John Marston

Those wounds on the cheek, nose and that lip scar look familiar…

Older John Marston

Is that a 25 year old John Marston? I think its pretty safe to say yes. Which could make the female of the gang Abigail, future wife of John as it was when in the Van der Linde gang that they first met and it is known form the previous game that Abigail rode with the gang.

Anyway, the trailer opens with what looks like a train robbery. Something I hope is readily available for us to do at will and not just story based. I love a great train robbery.

Train Robbery

A few story hints creep in and it seems that the Van der Linde gang are being hunted as the outlaw way of life is slowly dying out and that protagonist Arthur Morgan is having doubts about saying with the gang that raised him and battling his own morals, maybe he requires some ‘redemption’? The trailer shows Dutch telling Arthur he has “got to keep the faith” and “they will not crush us”. Probably in connection with the gang falling apart as they are being hunted down.

Arthur and Dutch

The big plot points are still being kept under wraps so I’m sure there will still be plenty of surprises to discover. we get to see some fisticuffs, horse chases, gun fights, and lots of fire – for some reason fire seems to be the theme of this trailer. “You have to love yourself a fire.”



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Of course the game looks undeniably gorgeous with some beautiful scenes and vistas. Still so much more that Rockstar are holding back on and rightfully so too. They never give everything away even after the release of a game.

The Gang

I’m so looking forward to this one and still hold out hope that the multi-character mechanic from GTA V makes a return. Being able to play as several gang members each with their own skill set and stats could inject a lot of fun and variation.

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