My Book Update And The First Three Chapters

So I guess I had better do a quick summary for those not in the know.

I’m currently going full-tilt on writing a book covering some of the best British game developers and publishers of the 80s and 90s gaming boom, a book I spent a huge chunk of 2017 reserching. There really was a revolution in terms of gaming going on that I think tells an interesting story – one that intertwines and creates a tapestry of British gaming.

My aim is to entertain and even educate. A fantastic trip down memory lane for older gamers like myself  and even an insight for younger gamers that didn’t realise just how important the British gaming scene was. Right now, I have seven chapters written up, but there is still a long way to go yet. Each chapter tells the story of a gaming company from the start until the end while also covering the people responsible for founding them and some of the games they created. When finished, I hope to put together a huge and impressive hardback, glossy paged beauty any gaming fan would love to own. I’m making good progress on the book, as I previously said – so far I have seven chapters written and I’m working on it on a daily basis. I think I’ll have the first draft completed within two months – depending on how big the end result ends up being. Then the editing and proofreading begins and I’ll remove some parts, add to others, etc. I think I can get a final draft done by mid-late summer.

I have decided to let people (who wish to) read the first three chapters of the book just to give an idea of exactly where its heading and what it will contain when finished. But before I do let people read, there are a few things I want to make clear.

  • The following chapters are a VERY rough first draft. There are spelling/grammar errors. These will be sorted out through future drafts. So please don’t let them bother you too much.
  • This is just the text version. I aim for the final product to be accompanied with numerous images that relate to the stories being told. So try to imagine those as you read if you can.
  • I have a very specific art style in mind for the final product that will make the chapters pop, but all of that will come much later.

So anyway, if you feel like having a read you can find the first three chapters right here.

If you wish to give me some feedback, then you can leave a reply or use the contact form on this very blog.

Happy reading.

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