Why Microtransactions Are Gaming Cancer… An Article Not By Me

I hate microtransactions. They are the cancer of the gaming world. But just how devious and reprehensible companies are who use microtransactions to fund their games is really quite shocking.

I could knock up an article explaining why microtransactions are an unnecessary evil, but I really don’t need to. A friend and fellow passionate gamer recently published the following article that looks at just how disgusting the free to play/microtransaction model of gaming really is. Please do give it a read right here, it’s a real eye opener.



2 thoughts on “Why Microtransactions Are Gaming Cancer… An Article Not By Me

  1. I’ve got a series of posts in the pipeline about Micro-Transactions and Loot Boxes being posted in the next couple of weeks and you’ve just got to look at some of the obscene amounts of money that is being made from micro-transactions to tell that they are going nowhere soon (In 2016 EA made over $1.3billion in micro-transactions alone that year).

    I do think that micro-transaction can be a good thing as players that can and will pay more subsidise for players that can’t, however I believe developers have a duty of care to do this in such a way that paying for micro-transactions enhances the game for those who buy them as opposed to isolating and ostracising players who can’t.


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